RIM not set to release BlackBerry 10 platform


Will we be seeing a new Research and Motion device in next week’s BlackBerry World?

According to CNET, prepare to be disappointed as a representative of the company said that they are not going to release any BlackBerry 10 hardware.

The yearly convention is one that is being looked up to as BlackBerry developers, enthusiasts and business partners take in RIM’s latest and future wares. This year, the company will be trying to convince its slowly shrinking followers and prevent any more decline as they would try to lift up their hopes.

One of the most sought after releases for the company is its BlackBerry 10 platform. The said platform is the best hope that the company has in-order to make a huge splash in the smartphone business.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins believes that the BlackBerry 10 will open new doors as this platform can start a revolution of new devices.

The company plans to release a Beta version of the BlackBerry 10 next week. Developers who will join in the fray will get a Dev Alpha device. This said device though isn’t a BlackBerry 10 phone nor will it be based on the latest software.

Image Source: pocketberry.com