Oakley and Google race to develop tomorrow’s eye-wear


Oakley is synonymous to excellent eye-wear. They have been in the business for quite some time and have nearly perfected their craft.

Now, Oakley CEO Colin Baden has revealed that they have been venturing into something for quite some time already and have decided to announce that they are working on a project similar to that of Google’s Project Glass.

According to Baden, “As an organization, we’ve been chasing this beast since 1997. Ultimately, everything happens through your eyes, and the closer we can bring it to your eyes, the quicker the consumer is going to adopt the platform.”

Oakley is planning to focus on creating great displays for athletes. They are convinced that once they start from there, it will eventually lead to military and government purposes.

Baden added, “Obviously, you can think of many applications in the competitive field of sports. That’s the halo point of where we would begin, but certainly you can transcend that into a variety of other applications.”

Oakley has been in the forefront of upping up the ante in terms of eye-wear. A few years ago, they released a sun glasses that was integrated with an MP3 player. They have also released a stylish 3D glasses to offset the sinking feeling of moviegoers from wearing a piece of cardboard.

Image Source: technologytell.com