Malware disguises itself as an Instagram app


A new Trojan is currently showing its wears that takes advantage of the popularity of Instagram.

Security firm Sophos discovered this new malware and dubbed it “Andr/Boxer-F”.

Since that fateful day that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars in cash and stock, the popularity of the app sky-rocketed. A day after the social networking giant acquired the app, the latter became the most downloaded free app in Apple’s App Store. Android users on the other hand are also rising in staggering proportions.

This is the reason why cyber crooks and criminals are trying to cash in. They have been setting up fake website advertising fake Instagram apps. If you look closely at the website, you’d certainly see that it is quite questionable. Once you have been attacked by this malware, it sends expensive international text messages to earn revenue.

So once again we go back to the basics. First, let us not be fooled by these individuals by trying to look closely at the websites that we visit. Is the address correct? Does it look authentic?

Don’t install questionable files to your device as this may lead to unwanted problems. Phishing schemes are common and so be warned.

Better safe than sorry.

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