New Mac Trojan exploits Word


As the saying goes, “When it rains it pours.”

It surely sound like it for computer giant Apple as a new Mac OS X Trojan was discovered that exploits Java vulnerabilities.

Antivirus magnate Kaspersky dubbed it as “Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a” while Sophos calls it “SX/Sabpub-A.” Both security giants confirms that a new variant of this new Trojan infects Macs by exploiting Microsoft Word.

Sophos detects the malware as Troj/DocOSXDr that points to Microsoft’s security bulletin MS09-027. Kaspersky on the other hand points to the same security bulleting with Microsoft security hole: CVE-2009-0563.

This new malware uses Word documents to open a backdoor for hackers to steal vital information form the user or installs further codes in the system. Mac OS X users could be caught off-guard as this does not prompt users to enter username or password when the malicious software installs itself in your Macs.

What infected users need to do is update Microsoft Office 2004 for their Mac and Microsoft Office 2008 for their Mac. If you keep your Microsoft software update patched then it would not cause you any problems as this security vulnerability is from June 2009.

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