Linkedln for iPad released


LinkedIn recently launched its first application for iPad owners. This free app is like the iPhone and Android apps that have been previously released.

Here are a few tidbits on this new app.

If you haven’t taken the time to fill out the necessary information to your Linkedln account in your desktop or laptop, chances are you wouldn’t be able to edit or add information using this new app. So you better fill out those information in your desktop or laptop first before using the app.

The home screen gives users 3 options: You, All Updates and Inbox. The You portion is where you can view your profile, post status updates as well as see those who viewed your profile recently.

The Inbox is where you’ll find messages sent by your connections as well as connection requests. It has a two pane design, with invitations and messages in different portions on the left side.

The All Updates section is where the magic happens. This portion lets you create a magazine styled pastiche from the content you’ve subscribed. If you’ve added Twitter to your Linkedln account, your Twitter connection updates will be shown on this page.

Though it sounds good, the app needs a little bit of tweaking.

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