Keep your tablet fingerprint free


Ever had the problem of getting your tablets and smartphones smeared by your dirty fingers? Well, it would be best if the question to be asked is who has not had that trouble before.

Even if it is not with a smartphone or tablet, previous phones have had similar problems with their screens. Not only does finger prints cause a problem, scratching your screens can cause nightmares and huge trouble to the user.

Japanese manufacturer Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a technology that basically coats your screen and protects it from oily marks to your screens.

The company has created with an anti-adhesive film that combines “nano-bumps” onto the surface of the screen that has no impact on the transparency or gloss of the film.

Other companies have been trying to develop the technology. American company Tarqus recently launched their own version of these finger-print resistant screen protectors.

But Toray claims that their invention is far better than that of the American company.

Toray said in a statement: “dirt from fingerprints is difficult to evaluate because its appearance and degree of adhesion vary depending on the environment and difference in the material, so it has become necessary to create this technology.”

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