Gargantuan free storage offered by Google Drive


A 5GB storage of free cloud space for each Internet user? Sounds unreal right?

Well, reports have been circulating that Google will launch its online storage and collaboration service. Called as Google Drive, the company is banking on the brand and huge online storage ability to make it successful.

Rumors have been going around since March that the company is behind this big storage blowout. It initially planned as a 1GB of cloud service but apparently each user gets up to 5GB of free space on Google Drive.

This service plus all their other services makes Google different from their rivals as this is beyond borders. Having a 5GB free of online storage that you can access anywhere is magnificent and very wise.

Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage space while iCloud and Box each gives 5GB of free space but they don’t have Google’s encompassing services.

If Google users still need more than 5GB of storage space, they have the ability to upgrade. All they have to do is pay for this and voila, a bigger online space would be available.

The exact launch for this service is pegged to be later this month.

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