Gmail down after 3 years


More than a million subscribers of Google’s mail service across the world were not able to access their accounts today after an outage of the service.

The company said that about two percent of those who are subscribed to Gmail were affected by this glitch which accounts to about 5.25 million individuals.

Google have not yet released any statement regarding the cause of the disruption of the service.

Those who were affected reported that after signing in to their accounts, they were welcomed by an error message that read ‘Temporary Error 500’.

Google said in its Twitter feed: ‘Thanks everyone for the reports of 500 errors, we’re working on it’.

The company said after a short while: ‘Gmail should be back for some of you already, and will be back for everyone soon. Thanks for your patience.’

Subscribers of the Web mail service aired their grievances through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and has become a trending topic.

Before the crash of Gmail yesterday, Google’s Web mail service has only gone down seven times since its inception and only once in the last three years. The company even boasted that Gmail was available 99.984% of the time in 2010 and 99.99% in 2011.

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