An iPad nanny?


Can’t afford to hire a nanny? Your iPad may do just that without the added pressure of having to think about your nanny’s behavior.

Your iPad can do wonders and one of it includes being able to keep your toddler busy.

Just ask 1 year old kid George. He many not know how to speak yet, but he certainly knows how to tap on your iPad.

Apps like coloring books and even musical instruments can mystify your young lad and as a curious Joe, he’d do it over and over again. Even preschools now use the iPad in an effort to add a little spice to tweak interest to their young students.

Some child psychologists are threatened about this development. One was quoted as saying, “They don’t learn to process everything from the outside world that we do as adults. Take the example of building blocks. Mothers are very impressed by their little ones who stack blocks on an iPad, but when a pediatrician or psychologist pulls out a box of blocks for him, the child is unable to stack them.”

Just be wary about your kids being engrossed to technology as this could lead them to a different view on life.

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