Cheap Ultrabooks may soon flock the market


Reports have been circulating that laptop makers are no longer waiting for Ultrabook prices to stoop down their prices. Instead they have decided to create affordable models of these Ultrabooks that are quite similar to the later but are in the notebook form.

Ultrabooks are great gadgets to carry around. Unfortunately for the average Joe, the prices of these said devices start from $1000. It is a bit heavy on the pocket.

But according to Digitimes, laptop makers have finally decided to recreate them in a much smaller model. The good news is that it would retail at a low cost as compared to these pricey Ultrabooks.

Developers will try to recreate the latter by making adjustments like using cheaper parts and updated designs. An example of which is using AMD processors as opposed to using Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

Manufacturers look at the Ultrabook market as an appealing way to generate sales as the masses want to purchase one.

This looks like bad news for Intel since these new models would certainly not carry their processors and the loss that it will incur to the company will accumulate for years to come. Unless they do something with the price of their processors, laptop makers would surely shy away from Intel since they want to save money for profit.

Bad news for them, good news for us.

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