Data connection problem for the Lumia


Nokia’s latest entry to the smartphone market has hit a snag as the once dominant phone maker admits that a small percentage of the Lumia’s could lose their high-speed data connection at times.

This comes after the company began selling their new product through AT&T stores just 3 days ago.

This was embarrassing for the Finnish company as they bragged that the “smartphone beta test” was over and that existing smartphone users should trade-in their “beta” Androids and iPhones for “the” smartphone.

A spokesperson from the company said that they found the glitch during internal testing. He said that the bug was found in software that manages the phone’s memory and isn’t tied to hardware.

On Nokia’s website, users expressed concern and frustration through the company’s message board. Data-connection issues was the pre-dominant problem while other individuals tried to help those who had this trouble by saying that they should remove the memory card and by rebooting your device.

The company is saying that they have already created a fix for the problem and will release it to users on April 16. They can also swap their glitched Lumia’s at AT&T stores and replace it with an updated one.

A Nokia spokesperson said, “We wanted to make this issue as painless as possible for our customers.” He added that a $100 credit will appear automatically on the customer’s AT&T bill as a way to appease their customers.

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