Apple scrambling to get rid of malware


Over 600,000 Mac units have been infected by a malware that gets sensitive personal information from users.

Around the world, people felt that Apple Inc. is too slow in battling and finding a way to eradicate the problem which reportedly first wreaked havoc last year.

Apple said that they are finding and ridding the malware that exploits a flaw in Oracle Corp’s java software. The company has issued patches and temporary fixes and is now starting to develop software to detect and eliminate the malware called “Flashback”.

Unfortunately for them, the cyber community was adamant with the slow action of Apple and for not addressing the issue quickly.

Security specialist at Sophos Paul Ducklin said, “Someone in Apple has broken ranks following the recent revelations of a jolly Big OS X botnet. Apple has – apparently for the very first time – talked about a security problem before it had all its threat response ducks in a row.”

Apple rarely has problem with malware as their closest rival Microsoft’s OS is the one who is normally being targeted by these.

Symantec Corp said that the malware was developed last summer or early fall.

A “Trojan” is a software program that looks and acts like a regular program but opens backdoors into a user’s computer system.

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