Microsoft extends Office 2007 free support


Reports have been circulating that Microsoft Office 2007 free support is coming to an end anytime soon and that if you want to continue getting it you have to pay for the “Extended” period.

According to Zdnet contributor Mary Jo Foley, a tweet from Directions on Microsoft Rob Helm said that the company gave users of Office 2007 Service Pack 3 a quiet extension of support. Instead of the original plan, Office 2007 is extending support till October 9, 2012. The initial plan was to stop support on April 9. Paid support for the product ends on October 10, 2017.

The period during which the company is providing their clients free support and regular updates is termed as Mainstream support. If mainstream support is thru then it enters the Extended Support phase where security updates for a product is still free but other updates are charged.

The company is encouraging individuals to use Office 2010. Office 15 on the other hand is expected to be released this summer. This is the beta version of the Office. Mary Jo Foley says that this latest version of the Office would be probably coined as Office 2013.

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