Recommending an App has never been this fun


Money is one thing that the world has but majority of the people who live in it have none.

Well, what if you can earn money while recommending your favorite app to a friend? Sounds interesting and enticing right?

The secret is out. Buzzdoes is here and it is here to make you more money.

There are thousands if not millions of mobile apps released each month. And if you’re a start-up, it would really be hard for you to get your app noticed. Here Buzzdoes can enter and do its magic.

This marketing tool for mobile apps lets users recommend their favorite app to their friends. For each successful recommendation, they are rewarded by Buzzdoes with cash, free aps, vouchers and other prizes.

According to Buzzdoes CEO Assaf Kolirin, as told to Mashable, “App users can become your best marketing tool to increase downloads and quality users, while helping friends discover new apps.”

To safeguard their business, the company limits the number of friends to which a user can recommend an app. This is to protect you from spam.

Kolirin added, “Buzzdoes is not about spreading apps to thousands of friends. It’s about choosing the right friends and making real recommendations.”

Visit their website to learn more.

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