Mel Gibson would have taken this instead


Ever watched Mel Gibson’s film The Patriot and dreamed about being an expert Axe wielder?

Imagine being able to throw an Axe far away from a target and hitting it dead center. What would your lady companion think about your excellent aim and talent? Plus points for the jock.

Unfortunately, Axes are now a thing of the past. It is now only used to chop down trees, cut fire wood or a thing to use to dismantle something. The art of Axe throwing has long been forgotten.

Well, this new tool might bring it back to the limelight.

Presenting, the M48 Ranger Hawk Axe. This rugged tool is designed for rugged living. This contraption, when used and handled properly, spells the great outdoors. It doesn’t shout “caveman” nor a “lumberjack”. It shouts elegance and toughness.

This tool has a double-sided stainless steel blade, nylon reinforced fiberglass handle and heavy nylon grip wrap. It is a perfect partner for your weekend outdoors.

If diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Then this tool can be a man’s best bud! No need for you to shout I’m crazy brave, when you’ve got this tool in your holster.

Chick magnet? We’ll see about that.

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