Touchscreen tablets in New York phone booths?


Humongous directories are set to be thrown out inside New York City phone booths as hundreds of the latter is set to be outfitted with tablet like touch screen contraptions to replace this old means of scouring out telephone numbers and addresses.

As part of a Telecommunications-sanctioned pilot program, New Yorkers will notice a 32 inch smart screen in their phone booths starting next month.

In a New York Post report, if the idea is well embraced by New Yorkers, more and more phone booths will be outfitted with these devices. Technology such as Wi-Fi hotspots with email and Skype capabilities may be added later on after a successful launch.

Starting next month, directories will show information about local restaurants, areas where to shop, traffic alerts, directions and safety alerts. These are free to use mind you.

New York City has teamed up with City24X7 for the project. The latter is a mobile communications company that works with tech-savvy cities the world over.

The devices which will be installed in the phone booths will be water-proof and dust-proof. The city government has not released the total amount allocated for the project but said that ads will be the ones who will pay for the expenses.

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