Zynga now offers games in own website


The successful partnership of Zynga and Facebook has resulted into triumph for both companies. For years they have achieved more and more through their continuing collaboration.

Now, Zynga sets its sights out of the 4 walls of Facebook. The game maker is planning to expand its enterprise out of the famous social network and offer games at Zynga.com.

The company said in their blog, “On Zynga.com, players can meet and connect with others who share a love for social games and help players progress faster in their games by tapping the entire community to instantly get what they need to complete quests, obtain virtual items, and advance to the next level. Zynga.com will feature five of our most popular games at launch – Words With Friends, CityVille CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Poker. We’re also teaming up with third party game developers in an effort to make Zynga.com the best destination for play.”

According to VentureBeat, the company’s website will go online any time this month.

Zynga’s stock price has rose after they announced the decision to create an own website.

Will this move by Zynga be good for the company or would they pay the price later on?