Canadians like the internet more than Americans


Americans and Canadians are not fans of one another. This is quite noticeable with the way they tease each other, nothing like a friendly banter after years or even centuries of hating each other.

Market researcher ComScore did a study to find out who goes on the Internet the most. Is it the Americans or their friendly neighbor up north?

Well, the results are in. And the winner is, Canada.

According to ComScore, Canadians spend an average of 45.3 hours online last December 2011. The Associated Press said, “The Canadian total is about 17 percent more than the average 38.6 hours Americans were online this past December, and about 28 percent more than the average in the UK.”

The media outlet says that Canada’s Internet interest is “a significant jump in social media usage, which was up 32 percent.” The Canadians are not the only nationality who seems to be interested in Web. Worldwide, countries have seen a spike in Internet usage due to the popularity of social networking sites and its ease of use.

So why did the Canadians topped Americans in this? According to the report, income may play a huge factor in this. Last year, Canadians earned more than their American counterparts.

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