Bus rider jams cell phones of yappers


Can you imagine having a power to shut those irritating individuals talking loudly on their phones on a bus? Though you can just approach her and smack the hell out of her. Some might say that might be too harsh but hey, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

But one Philadelphia commuter took the matter in his own hands. The man whose name is Eric uses a cell phone jammer to stop these irritating and rude people.

Though he was not the one who first interfered with communications on a public transport, his case is well documented since a member of NBC 10 caught him red handed.

Some individuals will hail Eric to the point of placing him in a pedestal. Remember that lady who was thrown off the train for having talked 16 hours straight on her phone?

Asked if what he would do in case an emergency situation arises, Eric answered, “Well, of course if there was such a situation on the bus, I imagine I would be right in the middle of it. And I would imagine that would be a very different situation of course, I’d imagine I’d be dialing 911 myself.”

Well, at least someone stood up against these inconsiderate mortals.

Image Souce: CNET | Chris Matyszczyk