Raspberry Pi solds out, causes website to crash


Skyrocketing demands for the Raspberry Pi has caused some website to crash according to The Guardian.

The $32 bare PC has sold out hours after its release. The Pi is smaller than a credit card and was developed for children to home compute and learn coding.

It is an open source computing device that runs in Linus. It has USB connectivity, SD card slot, and HDMI ports that lets you connect everything from a keyboard, monitor and Ethernet.

It was developed by David Braben and Raspberry Pi foundations that was set up by Eben Upton of Cambridge. They hope that the low cost device is going to inspire young software developers and IT professionals.

Paul Ryan a British consumer tweeted, “Trying to buy @Raspberry_Pi tonight is similar to trying to buy an iPhone on launch day. Never imagined that’d happen with a Linux gadget.”

The Pi is being distributed by RS and Farnell.

According to BBC, a cheaper version of the Pi will be sold later this year at around $23.

The first batch which is numbered at 10,000 boards is being manufactured in Taiwan and China.

The Pi foundation was surprised with the popularity of the device tweeting, “Right – singing off for the evening. Thanks for the overwhelming support and understanding; we really appreciate it. Pub!”

Image source: articles.businessinsider.com