A universal charger for all cellphones


Having multiple phones at home or office can be mind boggling at times. Those coiled cords of different devices can eat up your time as you try to uncover the maze-like entanglement that they are in.

Though there are universal chargers out there in the market, nobody really stands out from the rest. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. In stores and shops, sales personal have been bragging about how this and that charger can breathe life into your dying smartphone.

But in the World Mobile Congress being held in Barcelona, industry players are trying to find a way to create one universal charger that would be compatible to all devices.

The International Union has requested that all manufacturers have the same mobile charger by 2014.

According to Flavio Cuchietti of the latter, “It has been announced so many times and the customers are still waiting for it. Our intention is not to punish an industry or to block their development. Our intention is to find a solution that is viable, adding extra complexity and extra cost, but in the end we get to a universal solution.”

Will a universal charger be a reality or would this been just a figment of our imaginative minds? This would certainly help the chaos that is being brought to us by multiple chargers.

Image Credit: Lluis Gene, AFP/Getty Images