Android: Most exposed to cyber threats


As reported yesterday, Androids have been the target of scammers due to the problems with their anti-virus capability and the ability of these individuals to circumvent the Bounce feature.

Today, analyst’s says that Google’s Android is most exposed to security threats compared to their rivals.

The open concept of the Android has gained them millions of followers; it is also turning out to be the bullet that seems to hurt them.

According to consumer specialist at security firm Trend Micro Cesare Barlati, “Something really worrying about the Google model, which is also the beauty of that model, is the openness of the environment.”

Individuals can create or install an app on an Android. Compared to their major rival Apple, the latter is being controlled by their App Store.

He adds, “Android’s security model basically says, it is the responsibility of the end user to judge if an application is secure. I think that is asking too much from the user. Who is able to understand if a vendor is legitimate?”

The security firm surveyed analysts about the security feature of the major operating systems namely, Apple’s iOS, RIM’s BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows and Google’s Android. They found out that BlackBerry is the safest while Android is the least