Free wireless broadband service from NetZero


Imagine those days were we used to be happy and contented with a dial up internet connection? Those days of old were gaming consoles still had cartridges for their games and cassette tapes were the in-thing?

Well, NetZero, a company that used to be a top ISP is returning back into the limelight. And this time, they are going back with a vengeance with their wireless offing. Also check out the best wireless routers to buy in 2018.

United Online Inc. announced last Monday that they will be offering free wireless Internet service under its NetZero brand. They are currently on a rampage in print, TV and online advertisements spreading the word.

But this “free” plan comes with a hitch. According to United Online Chairperson and CEO Mark Goldston, these “free” users are money-losers for the company. They are hoping to lure them into upgrading their plans which starts at $9.95 per month.

In-order for individuals to access the “free” Internet, they will have to purchase a $50 antenna stick that can be plugged into your laptops or a $100 router-like device that lets you connect WiFi capable device to the Internet.

These free accounts are limited to 200 MB of data per month. Enough for you to check emails and your social networking accounts.

So better think about upgrading those plans because the company will only give access to “free” users for a year.