Copy-to-USB rental service from Digiboo launched


Renting out movies is a huge business nowadays. Companies are starting to consolidate some of their dollars in their efforts to create a one stop shop for avid movie watchers.

Digiboo is trying to leave its mark and to the paychecks of consumers as they try to get clients using their unique style of renting out films. The latter has started to rent out kiosks in several airports around the US in their way to eat out the market of Redbox.

Travellers now have the ability to browse their titles to rent or buy them. The great way of renting or purchasing movies through them is that you’d have to use your own flash drive where they store what you just ordered.

This is good in more ways than one.

One bad thing about this is that you’d have to register or authorize your thumb drives in their website first before you can use it.

Currently, only SD movies are available for renting or purchasing. HD content is too big and may take a few minutes before the file is going to be copied successfully to your disk.

They also don’t support Apple products since it’s a Windows-only service. But according to the company, they are going to support Apple and Android devices in the coming months.

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