Verizon offers data usage controls


Verizon is upping the ante in protecting your hard earned funds from paying sudden “bill shocks”. It used to only be restricting voice and texting capabilities under their family plans.

The company announced that the telecommunications firm is bent on stopping erroneous and sudden spike in your monthly bill by saying that their Usage Controls service can now be used for data usage as well.

Verizon is also said that you can also restrict content purchases that include games, apps and ringtones. For an additional $4.99 per line a month, you can avail of this service to protect you from bill spikes.

Not only can this service provide security regarding your finances, it also gives you the ability to disallow texting, calling and using data in specified times of the day. This is a good idea knowing that your kids can focus more on their studies rather than their devices while in class.

Subscribers can also block unwanted calls from individuals by blocking their phone numbers. They also have the ability to set up a “trusted contacts” list. This list allows the user to contact those under that list regardless of the Usage Controls limitations.