Anrdroid Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC coming on March


To those of you who can’t wait to get their HTC Sensation smartphones upgraded to Android’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the long wait is finally over. The company announced that they will begin updating existing Android devices to the said OS next month.

The first one who will get the upgrade will be the HTC Sensation models. The Sensation, Sensation XE and Sensation 4G will get the boost next month.

The Sensation XL will get its upgrade shortly after the month. This was revealed in HTC’s Facebook page.

After the HTC Sensation model upgrade, the company will then shift its focus on upgrading their other products like the Incredible S, Rezound, Desire HD, Desire S, EVO 3D and Amaze 4G sometime this year.

HTC will also be launching an Ice White model of the Sensation. This model will already have an upgraded OS and will be available this coming March 1.

HTC is putting importance on their Sensation lines as they are prioritizing them for the update. Though that may change due to the impending launch of new Android 4.0, 4G LTE devices later this month.

Rumors are abound that HTC will be unveiling the HTC Edge and HTC Ville during the said mobile show which will be held at Barcelona.

Will we see a resurgence of the brand? We’ll just wait and see.