New website maps muggings, street violence in UK


UK criminals may have their days numbered.

A non-profit organization in UK has created a website where people can post mugging information in one place. is a website launched yesterday attempts to collect information about mugging cases into a single Google map. Through this venue, people can warn others about crimes that involve mugging cases.

The first who posted on the site witnessed a mugging incident but was too busy to do something about it. He wants to help in his own little way so he decided to upload the information on the website.

According to the creators, the site attempt to campaign against “the ‘walk on by’ culture that fuels street violence, feeds fear, and fractures communities.”

They also added that suspects of street robberies are only accosted 15 percent of the time.

Statistics shows that the country sees about a million attacks each year. Witness Confident says that the fear of being involved in these cases is seven times greater than the actual risk.

Though the site wants to help individuals, critics have expressed their concern over this method. They say that criminals can also view the map and can plan to assault an unsuspecting victim in different areas.

Whatever it is, let us hope that this would eliminate or even reduce the crime rate in UK.

Image source: CNET | Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk