Mathway Android app helps improve math skills


People have been kidding that if you’re not Asian then you might be weak in Math. Though that is not the case, people, even Asians hate Math due to the intricacies that this subject has.

But what can people do? Students can’t avoid taking the subject and they can’t skip going to class just to intentionally miss this constant problem.

Well, your Android might help you with your problem. You can let it be your counterpart in helping you solve and learning math.

The app named Mathway is a solution to your fear of numbers. It includes a large set of categories that includes basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics.

To start, the app asks you to choose a category and then enter the problem that’s been bugging you. The keyboard automatically shifts to whatever it is that you’re. It features the keys of a scientific calculator. Even inputting a complex equation is easy. You can ask the app to solve it for you. If you want to learn how it solved the problem, you can ask for the steps and it will give you the necessary information. But the latter will cost you a certain fee.

What’s not to love with this app?

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