LodgeNet releases free app that acts as TV remote for hotel rooms


Some individuals who suffer from obsessive compulsive syndrome would find it hard to use remote controls from hotels. Though they may be correct in not trusting this gadget, since a lot of individuals have used this and you really are not sure if this gets cleaned properly, how can you use the television without this precious assistant?

Well, ‘lo and behold that LodgeNet Interactive Corporation’s free mobile app. The company that is big in on-demand and other TV-based services in a number of hotel rooms in North America has released an app that allows their guests to use their smartphones or tablets as a TV controller.

According to Derek White, president of interactive and media networks for the company as told to msnbc.com, “We didn’t have germophobes in mind when came up with the app. But that does seem to be a very popular aspect of the system”.

The app will be available for download this Monday. An onscreen QR code is needed in order to download the app before checking in in a hotel lobby or in your room. In order to sync your mobile device to the TV system, a unique code will be received by the guest to enter into the app.

White added, “We can’t remove the remotes entirely form the rooms yet. Because you still use the remote to turn the TV on to do the initial sync up, but after that, there’s no need to use the remote or, for that matter, the in-room phone.”

This looks like a great app for Germophobes out there.