Caution: Watchout for IPO scams in Facebook


People should be warned and watch out for scammers that will try to fool or victimize individuals. There are hundreds upon hundreds of scams out there that try to get your personal information by posing as legit businesses.

Sophos reminded users that bogus Facebook stock was offered last year and yesterday’s development of an IPO announcement will likely bring forth in schemes similar to that of last year’s scam.

People should be aware of the possible methods that scammers will use. Naked Security sounded off with a warning that people are out there that could use this to their advantage. The potential of free Facebook stock being used as bait to entice people to click on links or join pages are highly likely.

Facebook even went public on these as they said that, “Investors might think they are getting in on the ground floor of innovative social media companies, but instead find that they may have handed over real money for nonexistent shares.”

People need to be vigilant to these types of modus to protect and shield themselves from these types of scams.

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