iPhone protector with solar charger from Snow Lizard


Want to protect your iPhone’s from getting wet? Are you a clumsy individual who always drops his or her phone even if you’re always on the watch against doing so?

Well, you better get yourself a case from Snow Lizard called Aqua Tek. This iPhone case is waterproof and at the same time, it was designed to withstand accidental spills, drops or falls from clumsy individuals.

This new case might be your smart phone savior as it can protect your valuable device from the environment as well as from your accidents. It also has a built-in battery and solar charger so you never have to worry about having your battery drain on you on those important moments.

It’s good for adventure seekers such as those who love to go trekking, climbing, rafting or just about anything under the sun.

This gadget not only saves your phone from the harshness of the environment. This casing can even save your life.

The Aqua Tek has an integrated water purifying system in it. In this case, the developers used a UV bulb in the lid of the water bottle to purify water in cases where you can’t drink any.

All you need to do is fill the water bottle, seal on the cap and hold down the power button to activate the UV bulb. 60 seconds of this and it can transform that once filthy water into a potable one.

The Aqua Tek is priced at $130. So to all those who can spare that amount, feel free to smash and drop that iPhone.