Are you a nomophobic?


Do you know what the term is for people who have the fear of being without mobile contact? It’s called nomophobia and according to a study from the United Kingdom, at least 2 out of 3 individuals suffer from this condition.

Mobile authentication solution provider SecurEnvoy backed the study in UK and the results were astounding. 1,000 individuals were surveyed and about 66 percent of them were afraid of losing or being without their phone. This was a 13 percent increase from a study conducted about four years ago.

This comes as no surprise as mobile phones and smart phones have become more prevalent. Elizabeth Moore said in one of her articles that this condition is more likely about the anxiety people feel when they’ve lost their phone’s or just left it at home. It still is worrying that people have become so dependent to their devices that such condition arises from it.

Notice your surroundings. Majority of the individuals you’d see are buried in their phones. Our lives have now become so intertwined with our mobile phone and smart phones that we find it hard to go on a day without it. Is this an alarming statistic? It seems so.

Let’s just hope that this doesn’t bloom into a full blown ailment.