Insert Coin: Alarm clock that requires a code to silence it


People love to sleep. That’s a big fact of life.

There are days were we feel like we have to drag ourselves out of the bed to force ourselves into getting up. People use alarm clocks to wake themselves up from a deep slumber. Still, some of us just easily press on the snooze button just to get a few cheat minutes before starting our day. At times people use these snooze buttons a tad too many, eventually leading them to tardiness and ramifications from their employers.

Good thing we have the option to choose what alarm clocks to buy. And this one’s certainly a must have for all those who can’t quit on punching the snooze button.

The Ramos alarm clock is a solution that integrates a Defuse Panel in order to silence your wake-up call. And you cannot punch the code whilst in bed, as the keypad for this is located far from your outstretched arms. You two time keeping options, the LED and the Nixie types.

The Nixie model features a nixie tube display. Please don’t compare this to your typical alarm clock as this will just put them to shame.

There is no price for these gadgets as they only require pledges for you to have one. Pledging $160 or $350 could lead you to owning this one of a kind alarm clock. If you can spare some money, you can opt to pledge $800 to have a kit that has the key panel 50 feet away from your nightstand.