Worst passwords of 2011, Google offers solution


SplashData has released the list of last year’s worst passwords. Surprisingly, some passwords on list have been dubbed as the worst for quite a time now, yet individuals seem to use this time and again.

Here are the 25 worst passwords: password, 123456, 12345678, qwerty, abc123, monkey, 1234567, letmein, trustno1, dragon, baseball, 1111111, iloveyou, master, sunshine, Ashley, bailey, passww0rd, 123123, 654321, superman, qazwsx, michael and football.

Year in year out individuals still use some of these words as their passwords. It’s quite baffling since hackers have been flocking the net.

Well, for those individuals who can’t seem to look for passwords that aren’t easy to crack, Google might have a solution for you.

The company is developing a password generator for the Chrome browser that will help you in creating a password that is hard to crack.

It is currently in the development stage, but Google has outlined the design principles over the Chromium blog. It says,

“Chrome’s long term solution to this problem is browser sign in plus OpenID. While implementing browser sign in is something that we can control, getting most sites on the internet to use OpenID will take a while. In the meantime it would be nice to have a way to achieve the same affect of having the browser control authentication. Currently you can mostly achieve this goal through Password Manager and Browser Sync, but users still know their passwords so they are still susceptible to phishing. By having Chrome generate passwords for users, we can remove this problem.”

Sounds like a good help is coming.

Image source: lulztruck.com