Google dominates search engine usage in UK


Internet users form the United Kingdom are fond of visiting search engines as data showed that these sites are the most they frequently log on. This shows that search marketing is still one of the most important elements of social advertising.

According to data compiled by Experian Hitwise, about 2.3 billion hits were accumulated by search engines in the first month of 2012. This shows a rise from the previous data collected during the same month last year that said that search engines were visited about 2.2 billion times.

The most popular search engine still is Google. According to the data, the search giant had 90% market share in UK. Though the figure signifies dominance in its class, the data revealed that Google dropped 1.11% from the previous month but was up .27% if we compare to January 2011.

Microsoft’s Bing gained .59% market from December 2011. They have a 4% market share of UK’s search engine usage. Yahoo! on the other hand also saw a positive growth of .45% from December 2011.

According to market research analyst of Experian Hitwise James Murray, “Search is one of the most crucial elements of online marketing and our data shows that search is growing, with nearly 100 million more visits going to search engines this January than last January.”