Ericson acquires BelAir


It’s now Ericsson’s turn to buy a company out.

After the company sold their shares to Sony last week leading to the disbandment of Sony Erricson, the company announced that they have bought BelAir Networks, a WiFi technology company.

This developed after reports say that wireless connectivity has soared in the last two years. This doesn’t come as a surprise since tablets and smartphones are now popular these days.

According to Pal Zarandy, “With this acquisition Ericsson will be able to add the WiFi functionality to its micro base stations at a low incremental cost, making its emergin small-cell cellular infrastructure offerings more appealing.”

Internet service providers see WiFi as the most crucial thing to help them cope with wireless data traffic. They are estimating a 26-fold increase in the next five years.

President and CEO of BelAir’s peer Ruckus Wireless, “The Ericsson acquisition of BelAir is a harbinger of things to come, marking the beginning of a period of M&A activity in the telecoms equipment sector. There is a huge land grab taking place in the wireless industry right now as mobile operators try to solve the issues of capacity and coverage, looking to smarter WiFi technology.”

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