Electronic cigarette blows up inside man’s mouth


A lot of those who want to quit smoking use other means to get that nicotine fix while they try to kick out the bad habit. Nicotine patches and other nicotine replacement therapy methods have been flooding the market to help individuals stay away from puffing. But a new technology has been making waves in the market.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes have been making waves in the past couple of years. Smokers who used to smoke traditional cigarette have replaced them with this battery operated devices. Though designers of these devices are not claiming that these e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking, what they brag about is e-cigarettes can help smoking a little bit healthier. It’s also reported that the effectiveness of teeth whitening kit increase tenfold after quitting smoking.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case for a Florida man who was taken to a hospital when his e-cigarette exploded while he was puffing it. The latter lost his front teeth (no activated charcoal for teeth whitening is going to fix this one), had minor facial burn and lost a part of his tongue due to this accident.

According to Joseph Parker of the North Bay Fire Department, “It was trying to hold a bottle rocket in your mouth when it went off. The battery flew out of the tube and set the closet on fire.”

This seems to be the first recorded incident of an exploding e-cigarette. But this was not the first one that caused facial burns.

So you better watch what you put in your mouth. If you’re using e-cigarettes, bear in mind that these are battery operated and a malfunction can lead to unwanted results.

Image source: ecigarettetree.com


  1. The main problem with all of the listed articles of what had happened. Do not mention that the Florida man was not using a traditional e-cigarette vaporizer but a heavy duty device that accepts 2 3.0V batteries, which in this case were Unprotected batteries. Unprotected batteries do not have any type of protection, meaning no pcb board to stop them from being spent. The entire vaping community is strongly against these type of batteries from being used, though people use them anyway to save instead of using the recommended LiFep04.

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