Facebook, other social networking sites used by 56% of employers


For what? To check applicants’ information of course.

Finding work nowadays can be excruciating and depressing. With hundreds of applicants vying for one position, people tend to be wary of their actions and co-applicants even to the point of faking some of their experiences in their resume’s just to be a step ahead of the latter.

Now, documents aren’t the only ones that your potential employers are looking at as basis for your hiring. Your cover letter, resume and references may look like mistake-proof, but it isn’t all that head hunters are looking at.

Is your social networking profile suitable to the position that you are applying for? Does it have photos that would lead to your potential employer from bypassing you?

According to data that came from the UK business psychology firm OPP, 56 percent of employers are likely to check out the social media presence of applicants. This comes as a recent study found out that individuals have a genuine Facebook personality.

OPP said that FB users have to check what they write and post in their profiles. This is most important to those who are job seekers. At the same time, it isn’t a bad idea to double check your FB privacy settings and make full use of it. 🙂