Samsung unveils WiFi Navibot robotic vacuum cleaner


Cell phones used to be a device that was only for calling and texting. Back in the heydays of the Nokia 5110 and the 3210 (the first antenna-less phone) people were already satisfied with their phone’s simple functions and playing snake.

As years went by, developers and companies began to shrink the size of the cell phones and as well as add functions that turns the seemingly “dumb” phone into a much needed companion.

With the influx of smartphones this past few years, humane tasks such as doing laundry, can now be controlled by a simple touch of a button from your phone. What the heck! Our phones can now even clean our floors.

Looking to step into the ring currently is the Shark APEX UpLight, a corded, bagless, convertible, stick vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning various surface from the floor to the ceiling.

But not looking to be outdone, Samsung’s latest trump card is its WiFi-capable vacuum robot which they bared during the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company’s latest NaviBot robotic vacuum cleaner enables owners to control the robot with the same app that lets them control other WiFi compatible gadgets. The robot’s battery gives it 100 minutes of floor servicing before the need to recharge arises. It also allows you to command the clean up just about anywhere.

The latest NaviBot also has a Visionary Mapping Plus. Which means that it now has a camera mounted on top that analyzes the cleaning route and its charging dock. It also features a self cleaning dust bin.