Nokia sales decline by 74% in 4Q of 2011


Nokia is continuing its downward spiral as they posted a 74% fall in earnings during the fourth quarter of last year. This includes the sales of their latest Windows Phones, which has fell behind their rivals Android and iPhone.

The world’s largest mobile phone maker, when we speak about volume, disclosed a new scheme in their attempt to dent Apple and Google. Unfortunately, the scheme has not been successful as Apple still is the more popular brand. Since the launch of Nokia’s Windows phone last November, they’ve only sold at least one million of these phones. While Apple on the other hand has sold 37 million iPhones during that quarter.

Nokia is not expecting any big growth during the first quarter of 2012. Although analysts had a high forecast for the Windows Phone, sales have been poor and seldom.

According to Michael Schroder of FIM Securities, “The report highlights that the start of the Windows strategy is slow, and we have very little concrete data to predict its success at this point. There are a lot of uncertainties. These are critical times for the future of the whole company. The next months will be extremely important.”

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