New Facebook feature allows you to “Listen with Friends”


Popular social networking site Facebook has enhanced surfing through their website with their new feature.

Facebook not only gives their members chat online, but they are now enabling them to listen to music to their friends together via FB chat.

They will be activating this feature in a few weeks from now. Once it is activated, a music note will appear in the user’s name in the chat box. To listen to music together, they only have to click on their friend’s name and click the “Listen With” icon. They will then be redirected to a music server that will play the song. Spotify and Rdio are the current sites that are catering to FB members.

The feature is also available vie group chat so your whole troupe can listen to the same song.

According to David Card, research director at GigaOM Pro as told to, “Facebook’s listen With Friends is a perfectly logical addition to their digital music offering, and I expect it will see some adoption.”

This will give FB more share on their members surfing time as they would linger on the site longer because of this feature.

John Tinker of Maxim Group also told that, “these features that are actually doing the playing have a lot more to gain here, especially with a site like Facebook where everyone is connected.”