China Apple store stirs riots after cancelling iPhone 4s launch


The launch of Apple’s latest iPhone in China was welcomed and marred by rioting and egg pelting which resulted in chaos and the subsequent cancellation of the release of the smartphone.

Apple’s store in Beijing’s Sanlitun district was jammed with Chinese iPhone enthusiasts a night before the official release of the iPhone 4S. Crowds began to flock the store not minding the near freezing temperatures which covered the evening.

As time came to open the shop’s doors, the stores management decided not to put the iPhone 4S on sale due to the throngs of crowds who waited outside. They would only want to ensure the safety of the individuals. They announced the cancellation over a bullhorn which then turned the anxious crowd into an unruly one.

Police assistance was required to help secure the scene as the crowd began to pelt the store with eggs. Chinese market researchers criticized Apple for the problem.

According to reports, other stores in China had little to no problem at all with their iPhone 4S release. Customers are also free to order the smartphone online via China Unicom and Apple’s online store.

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