LG impresses with amazing 55-Inch OLED 3D TV


Watching TV has fascinated a lot of individuals since its first inception. From clunky, knob-controlled black and white boxes to sleek flat TVs, the revolution of this device is as interesting as the shows that we watch in it.

At the Consumer Electronic Show this week, LG has finally unveiled its latest 55-inch OLED TV set to stunned onlookers. It is considered as one of the major HDTV announcements in the show and if you’ve come to watch it display its features you’d surely jump on the bandwagon.

Colors are fantastic and the motion is undeniably sharp.

According to Tim Moynihan of PCWorld, “the passive glasses display doesn’t look as dim as other plasma and LED-based 3D displays we’ve seen in the past year, which is an added bonus of the set’s stunning brightness.”

“3D footage looks about as lifelike and immersive as possible, with sharp image quality and smooth motion without any of the shimmering effects seen in even some of the best 3D TVs we’ve looked at,” he adds.

The OLED TV does not only give you great quality on the pictures. The plasma and LCD also eats up lesser power compared to other TV sets.

Unfortunately for us who can’t afford to shell out mega bucks for a TV set, this new OLED might be priced beyond our budget. Though not yet divulged, Moynihan predicts that price is expected to reach five figures. A deal breaker for some of us, huh?

Image source: PCWorld.com