Razer shows off dual-stick tablet and gamepad hybrid


Razer is weaving its magic again!

The popular PC hardware maker think tanks and developers have created another surprisingly creative gaming hardware. The “Project Fiona” which was undraped at this years Consumer Electronics Shows in Vegas comes as a hybrid of a Tab and an analog gamepad. This allows PC gaming fanatics to play any “gamepad-enabled” title.

Though “project Fiona” is just a concept as of the moment, they said that they are planning to release the final product in the fourth quarter of this year.

It has an Intel Core i7 processor. It looks similar to the iPad with two Wiimotes. It also features a multi-touch screen, accelerometers for motion control and analog sticks for controller handles.

At last year Penny Arcade Expo, the Razer featured an odd looking, hybrid gaming device touted as the Razer Blade. Priced at $2800, this laptop built for gamers with a touchscreen beside the keyboard, the latter was supposed to be available on the shelves last year. Unfortunately for gamers, the Razer is only going to be available this year. It is also featured at the CES.