iPad falls 100,000 feet from space and survives


Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. No! It’s a plane. No! It’s an iPad?

An iPad reached 100,000 above sea level and dropped to the earth’s atmosphere after the weather balloon it was attached to burst. Like the previous Apple device, the iPhone, the iPad reached space and then crashed back into land. It survived the perilous fall in a rocky hillside in Nevada.

The iPad lived to tell its story with the help of a 6-ounce Extreme Edge case by G-Form.

According to G-Form Vice President for Innovations, Thom Cafaro, “it’s the first iPad that’s ever free fallen from space and survived to play more movies.” Though the outer space can’t be reached until it is 328,084 above sea level, this feat of the iPad is one for the books since the device is still fully functional after the fall.

G-Form also had similar stunts before. The company skydived an iPad from a height of 1,300 feet and they threw another one out of a moving Porshe when the car reached the speed of 113 mph.

To watch the video of the whole escapade, click here.