Beware: Terrorists wants to “Add” you on Facebook


Terrorists are catching up with the rest of the world. According to an Israeli professor who is an expert in terrorist organizations, they are now using the popular social networking site, Facebook, to win over followers and find new friends.

Professor Gabriel Weimann of Haifa University in Israel said, “today, about 90% of organized terrorism on the Internet is being carried out through social media. By using these tools, the organizations are able to be active in recruiting new friends without geographical limitations. Social media is enabling the terror organizations to take initiatives by making ‘friend requests, uploading video clips, and the like, and they no longer have to make do with the passive tools available on regular websites.”

Not only are these terrorists cells recruiting on the web, but they are also gathering information about enemies. According to the professor, when Hezbollah went to the net and researched about information on Israeli military by monitoring soldiers activity on Facebook.

Weimann added that, “the most advanced of Western communication technology is, paradoxically, what the terror organizations are now using to fight the West.”

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