Victorinox debuts Swiss Army knife and 1TB USB Thumbdrive


Boy Scouts would love to get their hands on the latest Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Even MacGyver would drool over its new features.

Just as other companies are upgrading their products to keep up with technological advancements, Victorinox has jumped on the band wagon.

You read it right. The makers of the popular Swiss Army knife just launched their latest knife set at the Consumer Electronics Shows in Vegas. This new product still has the knife popularized by the company with the addition of a 1 terabyte USB thumbdrive.

According to a report from CNET, “this tiny portable storage device abou the size of the small-size popular Swiss Army tool set. In fact, the storage part can be pulled out and collapsed into its case just like you can do with a Swiss Army knife.”

The report also added that the Swiss Army’s latest entrant to the market is the world’s smallest high-capacity SS drive out there. It supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 and as well as as eSATA connections.

The gadget also comes with a Bi-Stable graphic display for individuals to label contents.

It has a graphic display that is 48—x-96-dot LCD that shows the label even when the device is not plugged to a computer.

The SSD has an automatic backup and synchronization tool with AES 256 security encryption.

It will be available to the public by April of this year and is priced from $470 to $2,000 depending on the capacity of the drive.