Google+ membership increase by 55%


is a runaway leader in social networking sites. No rival is near the number that FB has collected over the years.

But Google+ is optimistic that the number of individuals signing up for their services would reach 400 million by the end of 2012.

Experian Hitwise tweeted last Monday that the search giants entry to the social networking business had an increase in traffic last December 2011. The numbers doubled in just one month.

The tweet read, “Google+ total US visits reach more than 49 million in Dec-11, biggest month to date & up 55% compared to Nov-11

They also said in a tweet that Google+ grew eight out of the last nine weeks of 2011.

Paul Allen, analyst and’s founder, said to the Daily Mail that Google+ has just passed the 62 million members mark. 25% of that number signed up during the month of December.

If we compare the growth rate of FB and Google+, the latter’s growth rate is faster since Facebook reached the 60 million mark nearly four years after they launched. With this rate, Paul Allen is optimistic that Google+ will reach the 400 million mark by 2012.

Current statistics show that Facebook now has about 800 million active members.

With the spike of Android users, the number of members for Google+ will surely increase since all Android smartphones have Google+ integrated in them. There are at least 700,000 Androids purchased every day.