Concept: Socket that automatically ejects unused plugs


Unplugging unused devices out of their sockets seems to be a hard thing to do for some people nowadays. But these same individuals don’t have any clue, or they choose to shrug it off, that without unplugging these said devices, they are just ballooning their electric bills. This is what we call standby power.

Here comes Pumping Tap’s designers. Individuals behind this concept designed it with a socket outfitted with a spring that ejects plugs of unused devices. The best thing about it is that it does it automatically.

These sockets have sensors that determines if the device is being used and is drawing electricity actively. It has a light indicator placed externally and it turns blue if it is still being used and automatically turns red if it isn’t.

Ten minutes of idle time is all it takes before it determines that it is already inactive. The built in spring mechanism would then pop out the plug from the socket. It is a simple yet effective design to prevent unnecessary charges.

The PumPing Tap was one of the winners of the Red Dot design concept contest.