Google bans Siri knock-off for Andoid


Apple’s digital assistant Siri, has garnered praises and a few jeers both from its followers and detractors. One thing is certain, Siri has made a believer out of most if not all of us.

But with Siri’s success comes a few individuals who would want to have the technology in their Androids. More than a handful of developers have started to create their own version of Siri in their existing Androids.

Although gadgets running on Google’s Android technology have the capability of voice control, what separates Siri is that it has found a way to improve the technology by leaps and bounds. The responsiveness of compared to that of the Android is far more faster and the ability to pick up your voice command with just a single prompt is outstanding.

Siri’s popularity tends to have a spill-off in their rivals developers. One Android app was banned by Google branding itself as Siri for Android. This said app was downloaded 1000 times before Google prohibited individuals to download the application.

SlashGear reported that at least a couple of Android developers have teamed up to create an app just like Siri. It’s being developed by Dextera and is called, hold your breath, Iris. The latter is teaming up with rival Chacha to develop a huge information database for their app. Chacha already has a large database that gives its users the ability to just type queries and get answers through the net.

Well, we’ll see about that.